The Lawen Group provides corporate services ranging from human resources to marketing for Dexel & Paramount Management.

  • Louis Lawen

    President & CEO, P.Eng
    Louie Lawen
  • John Lawen

    VP of Corporate Services & CAO
  • Erin McNutt

    Director of Human Resources & Administrative Services

    After a decade working in administration and office management, Erin was thrilled to return to Nova Scotia in 2006 to join the Lawen Group’s growing family business. In her role, she is responsible for overseeing the company’s human resources functions—from policy development to recruitment and orientation to performance evaluation (and much more)—as well as managing the office’s administrative services. Erin is also a camping enthusiast who loves exploring the ruggedly beautiful coastlines of our province with her husband, daughter, and two beloved fur-babies in tow.

  • Mina Barsoum

    Accountant, CGA, CA

    Mina was the very first Lawen Group employee outside of the Lawen family. Originally from Alexandria, Egypt, Mina began working for the company in 1999 as a CGA student and quickly became an integral part of the team. As both a BBA graduate and a CPA/CGA, Mina is perfectly suited for the fast-paced nature of working for an expanding family business and enjoys how each day provides new and exciting challenges. When he’s not crunching numbers, you can usually find Mina camping around the province with his family, or planning a vacation to an exciting new destination.    

  • Diane Lawen

    Digital Media Manager

    As the Lawen Group has transformed from a small, family-run business to what it is today, Diane (the youngest Lawen sibling) has filled many roles— from receptionist to leasing agent to property manager. However, her passion for information technology was discovered early on. After double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics, managing the company’s website development was a natural fit. Eventually Diane also began integrating the property management system into the website and helping to grow the company’s digital presence. Working in digital marketing allows her to utilize both her technical and creative skills—a perfect left/right brain combination. On the rare occasion that Diane is offline, she enjoys training at the gym, yoga or getting outside for a refreshing hike.   


  • Joanne Lawen Mrakic

    Social Media Manager

    Ever since the Lawen Group began in the family rec room, Joanne has been working for the company in some capacity. As soon as she could answer the phone, she knew how to describe a rental to a prospective tenant or schedule a viewing. Today Joanne uses her background in marketing teamed with her in-depth knowledge of the family business to manage the company’s growing social media accounts. Outside of the office, Joanne is a proud new mom who likes painting with her little one (when she cooperates).