MPS Approved by Regional Council For Spring Garden West & Quinpool Road Projects

Lawen Group


The Lawen Group is excited to announce two major milestones were passed earlier this week for two major projects in the development stages:

  • Case 20218: Spring Garden West, project site located on Spring Garden Road between Robie and Carlton St.
  • Case 20520: Quinpool Road Project, 6324 & 6330 Quinpool Road

Both projects received unanimous approval for site-specific Municipal Planning Strategies (MPS) from HRM Regional Council on July 15th & 16th respectively.

MPS Details

Case 20218: Spring Garden West

  • 90m max height
  • Max FAR 8.0
  • 3 & 4 storey podium
  • 28m setback from Carlton St Property Line
  • Restoration of 3 heritage properties on Carlton St
Looking East on Robie St

Case 20520: Quinpool Road Project

  • 3 storey streetwall on Quinpool Rd
  • 8 storey + Penthouse max
  • 2 storey streetwall on Pepperell
  • 3 storey max height on Pepperell facing side of the lot
Looking South on Quinpool Road

Additional MPS Details and staff reports can be found on

These approved MPSs will allow both projects to move forward to form Development Agreements with the HRM in the coming year. Development Agreements for both projects will again go before committees and Regional Council in order to be approved.

 The Lawen Group is excited about continuing the development process for both projects and looks forward to working with the HRM to form each Development Agreement.