Lawen Group Company Structure

Lawen Group

Halifax, NS: The Lawen Group kindly requests that all future reference to ownership of Lawen family purchased properties be mentioned as: Owned by the Lawen Group.

The Lawen Group comprises:

  • Lowen Properties Ltd
  • GTL Investments Ltd
  • Maxwell Properties Ltd
  • Ollive Properties Ltd
  • Russel Estate Properties Ltd
  • Rockstone Investments Ltd
  • 3302616 Nova Scotia Ltd

The Lawen Group is a privately held family owned and operated company specializing in property development and management in Halifax. Overseeing the Lawen Group are Principles George and Genevieve Lawen. (Company shares are held by Louie, John, Peter, Joanne, Danny & Diane)

The Lawen Group owns and operates Paramount Management & Dexel.

Property management of Lawen Group properties is handled by Paramount Management.
Paramount Management is a partnership
Partners - John Lawen and Peter Lawen

Director of Marketing – Diane Lawen
Director of Social Media – Joanne Lawen-Mrakic

Development of Lawen Group properties is managed by Dexel.
Dexel is a Development Company and includes Dexel Developments and Dexel Architecture:
President - Louie Lawen
COO – Kris Skiba
Dexel Architecture:
Vice President - Nick LoPresti
Vice President – Marianne Abboud

Danny Lawen, a dentist in Halifax.

For press inquiries please email us at or call Nicole Babineau at 902.407.7002.